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Kroma - OMG Cookie Butter - 10.2 oz

Kroma - OMG Cookie Butter - 10.2 oz

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    An indulgently creamy, energizing blend of nuts, seeds, and superfoods. Almond butter, coconut butter, and hemp seeds for healthy fats, with goji berries and a satisfying boost from Chocho Plant Protein.
    Why You'll Love It
    • Addictively delicious and creamy coconut-and-almond butter blend with powerful superfoods and just the right amount of sweetness to satisfy cravings
    • Chocho Plant Protein and healthy fats support energy and metabolism
    • Perfect for pre- and post-workout or as fuel between meals
    • Enjoy on toast, in Super Porridge, in recipes, or straight off the spoon
    • Voted Best Gift for Foodies by USA Today
    • Raw Almond Butter: Monounsaturated fats support heart health, energy, metabolism
    • Coconut Butter and Oil: Medium-chain triglycerides provide energy and support fat burning
    • Hemp Seeds: Omega-3 fatty acids and minerals support heart health; satiating plant protein with 9/9 essential amino acids
    • Goji Berries: Vitamin C and phenolic compounds support immunity and skin health
    • Chocho Plant Protein: 9/9 essential amino acids support satiety, metabolism and lean muscle
    • Ceylon Cinnamon: Active compounds support metabolism and help balance blood sugar

    Enjoy as a dip with fruit, drizzled on oatmeal, or simply with a spoon!

    Tastes like...
    Nutty almond & coconut with a touch of sweetness

    "OMG! It's soooooo tasty and filling. I seriously could eat the whole jar."
    —Michelle L.

    Gluten Free
    No Dairy
    No Soy
    No Artificial Flavors

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