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Orchid + Ash - Grapefruit + Tonka Bean Travel Perfume - 10ml

Orchid + Ash - Grapefruit + Tonka Bean Travel Perfume - 10ml

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A subtle yet complex grapefruit and vanilla scent that effortlessly becomes your signature. Light, breezy, and just right for those who prefer a whisper of fragrance over a shout.

100% Non-toxic and vegan.

10 ml

AURA is a fragrance that's both comforting and subtly captivating. Its fresh, crisp grapefruit notes blend seamlessly with fresh florals and the cozy warmth of tonka bean and amber.

This scent isn't just worn; it integrates into your daily routine, becoming your personal signature. It melts into your skin, leaving a soft, lingering presence on your clothes and in your hair, providing just the right touch of its natural charm to those around you.

Top: Grapefruit, Blood Orange Heart: Jasmine, Bellflowers, Neroli
Base: Tonka Bean, Iris, Amber

We like to keep it simple.
Ingredients: alcohol, water, non-toxic fragrance
All fragrances are 100% non-toxic, cruelty free, and vegan.

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