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Arrae - "Gut Boost"

Arrae - "Gut Boost"

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Gut Boost is Arrae's gut-friendly take on the age-old tradition of digestive bitters. When we see, smell, or even just imagine food, our salivary glands become activated. But in our busy lives, these sensory cues are often missed. Gut Boost will stimulate your bitter taste buds in order to signal your digestive system to start, before you even take your first bite. 

Gut Boost

 Supports a balanced appetite and preserves the feeling of fullness

 Curbs sugar cravings to promote healthy glucose levels

 Improves nutrient absorption to counteract deficiencies

 Stimulates saliva and digestive enzymes for faster food breakdown

 Prevents bloating to maintain a comfortable stomach after meals

 Contains organic ingredients sourced from the most potent part of the plant

For the H2O girlie
Add 2 dropperfuls (30 drops) of Gut Boost to a ¼ cup of water, or to taste. You can dial up or down the bitterness by adding more or less water.

For the mocktail girlie

What you’ll need: ½ cup orange juice, ⅓ cup lime sparkling water, ½ tsp agave, 2 dropperfuls of Gut Boost, ice cubes.

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