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Kroma - Change Your Life Chai Latte - 2.9 oz

Kroma - Change Your Life Chai Latte - 2.9 oz

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Like a hug from within, with Ayurvedic spices, Ashwagandha, and mushrooms. Our chai latte is balanced with calming adaptogens, Reishi, and Cordyceps to enhance mood, fight free radicals, and support immunity.
  • Masala Chai enhanced with adaptogens and functional mushrooms
  • Contains Ashwagandha, turmeric, Reishi and Cordyceps to calm the mind, enhance mood, and support energy and immunity
  • Black tea provides a gentler caffeine boost than coffee


  • Masala Chai (Black Tea Extract, Spices): Gentle energy boost; antioxidant protection
  • Cordyceps: Shown to boost energy and promote libido
  • Reishi: Beta glucans shown to support immunity
  • Ashwagandha: Shown to regulate cortisol and promote calm
  • Turmeric: Active compound curcumin supports immunity

How To Use: Combine 2.5 teaspoons Change Your Life Chai Latte with 8-10 oz hot (not boiling) water or non-dairy milk. For best results, mix with frother.

Enjoy in the morning or any time (ideally 6–8 hours before bed).

Contains Caffeine
Gluten Free
No Dairy
No Soy
No Artificial Flavors

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